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Tired of Chasing Appointments?

You are prospecting for FREE CONSULTATIONS with Quality Lead Magnets in your Niche or Marketing Service!

…BUT, there’s little response…

So now you’re picking up the phone, running into gatekeepers left and right grasping for what to say to get to the decision maker! 

👉 You offer your consult - No Thanks! 
👉 You offer your lead magnet - No Interested! 
👉 You offer your expertise - Not Now! 

Week after week, the same conversations…

Then 💥 BOOM 💥  out of nowhere - after investing enough sweat equity effort in your prospecting follow up you FINALLY land that sale. 

🎉 YAY 🎉

You’re thinking, AH-HA… IT STILL WORKS!

Now you’ve got an even bigger ⚠️ PROBLEM ⚠️ …because you’ve just convinced yourself the only way to land sales is to grind it out. 😳

😟 The days are long…
😔 The weeks are longer…
😭 And the months drag on…

After all that time, it’s the up & down sales inconsistency that leads to many good hearted, talented marketers to throw in the towel.  

Let’s get you off this “crazy” cycle…

It’s time that you stop doing the same thing over and over, hoping and expecting for different results!
Not only is there a better way…

But you won’t even need to rebuild your prospecting system to reap the benefits of the strategy I’m about to share! 

Cold Email Prospecting with a CRM? Perfect…
Sending Direct Messages on Social? Great… 
Using SMS Engagement Strategies? All Good…
Mailing Out Local Opportunity Flyers? Yep…
Running Paid Ads on FB or YouTube? Even Better…

And even if you don’t have a proven prospecting strategy, I’ll show you how you can activate one for your business in minutes! 

You see, this strategy works for [almost] EVERY BUSINESS…
Instead of blindly leading with your service angle…

In just a few clicks the Business X-Ray Strategy allows to pinpoint the businesses major pain points most don’t even know exists!

Making your attempts to contact them HIGHLY VALUABLE…

Less chasing appointments!

And has the Business X-Ray Analyzer practically SELLING FOR YOU…

More one call, one appointment closes!
See The Unfair Advantage To More One Appointment Closes…

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See how we've expanded the reporting in Local Analyzer to include all four core areas of local business marketing!

With the full Business Analyzer Reporting you can deliver a 360-degree marketing report to each prospect and create countless opportunities with 10 services you can offer right away!

Easily help any business understand their strengths and weaknesses by simply delivering a lead magnet that does the selling for you!

Approach potential clients as a consultant offering solutions to shortcoming they can see with their own eyes.
Show prospects the big picture while revealing tangible things you can help them fix immediately with 8 DFY calls to action on each report
➡️ Each report includes custom calls to action in every key area and create truly unique reports tailored to your market.

➡️ Use the broad scope of the reports to find new opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell your services.

➡️ Leverage proven sales psychology to generate urgency while you stand by ready to offer the perfect solution.

This is your chance to zero in on your prospects true pain points and offer them tangible practical solutions they already want!

💰 Make sales on the first call and shorten your sales cycle! 💰

Business Analyzer reports are the ultimate foot in the door you can add to any website or use as a standalone website of its own!

Uncover New Opportunities In 4 Critical Areas Of Every Business

In just minutes you can provide a comprehensive audit that scores the 4 critical areas every business needs: Reputation, Traffic, Website & Social Media!

Wow prospects by instantly providing a service solution to the growth opportunities they've been missing out on!

Expose Key Missing Local Directory Listings!

Show their directory visibility on 21 key websites! 

Watch their surprise when they see how many directories they are missing out on!

Every listing has a call to action that leads back to you to provide Citation Services to solve their problem!

Land New Clients With A Full On-Site Ranking Analysis!

Show them the errors costing them rankings and business!

Provide a full SEO website audit including 14 critical on-page ranking factors.

Reveal critical details like page load speed, NAP structured data, keyword usage, and meta details!

Showcase your SEO & Ranking Services as a solutions to their shortcomings in real-time!

Land New Reputation Clients With Detailed
Online Reputation Insights!

Spark an instant emotional response when prospects see all the review directories they had no idea they were left out from!

Leverage a Sentiment Analysis to uncover trends in their business and become the instant authority!

Reveal negative reviews that underscore their need for your Reputation Marketing and Review Monitoring Services!

Visually Expose Social Media Branding Flaws!

Show the difference between professional and amateur social media branding to create an instant “Can You Help me!” response!

Selling Social Covers & Social Media Branding has NEVER been easier!

Pinpoint the gaps in professional social media branding for any local business!

Showcase Missed Advertising Opportunities

Instantly expose a lack of Retargeting and open the door to new retargeting deals

Flex your Retargeting & Traffic services  muscle by checking for Google Analytics tracking code for a quick foot in the door offer with just 5 minutes of  fulfillment!

Sell More Video & Website Redesign Services!

Expose the video rankings of any business to reveal instant opportunity on Search, Youtube, and Business Sites!

Reveal A Monster Website Flaw In Slow Loading Website & Unlock More Website-Redesign Opportunities!

Watch the lightbulb AHA moment when prospects realize the opportunity you can deliver by solving these problems with your Video, Websites and Optimization services!

Simply embed the business analyzer report generator into your website with a simple copy-paste embed code!

You can even customize the calls to action, and the content around the report to make it perfect for your specific niche or industry!

Leverage built-in lead capture technology & widgets to get instant notifications on all your new incoming leads!


BONUS #1 [$1,500 VALUE]
Landing Page Builder Unlock!

Get instant access to our professionally designed landing page system with over 20 unique landing page templates for lucrative niches, including:

Dental Practice Contractor, Electrician, AccountingPlummer, OptometryCleaning CompanyChiropractic CarePhysical TherapyAttorneyAutomotive AND MORE!
BONUS #2 [$1,000 VALUE]
Learn 17 Quick Close Strategies + Get 4 Case Studies!

Get On-Demand Access to exclusive training and learn 17 unique services you can sell on the first call and then fulfill for huge profits!

Plus, unlock 4 unique Local Analyzer case studies!
BONUS #3 [$1,000 VALUE]

Skip the step of going to a landing page...

AND send a personalized report link for you to send out to 100’s of emails with private links in them!

Just imagine... sending out an email with a secret link that allows someone just to click on the link and instantly pull a report!

Ready to Join these Success Stories?

See How Jamey Turned It All Around...

How Fast Can I Make Money?
With Local Analyzer, we give you step-by-step strategies to quickly identify your best future customers. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need sales experience to get started!
What Niches Can I Use This With?
We included built in landing pages for over 20 niches like Dentists, Contractors, Automotive, Doctors, Attorneys, Landscaping, Salons, Plumbing, Restaurants, Chiropractors, Pest Control and so many more...

But there is no limit to the number of local niches you can help. You can reach Unlimited industries!
What Services Can I Use This With?
Over 15 services! Citation, Video, Social…just to name a few. Don’t forget the Bonus Training on the best services to $1000 fast!
Can I Use This To Sell SEO? Reputation Management? Social media? 
Yes! You can get a detailed breakdown of how a websites seo ranking factors score, but that is only the beginning. The business reports open up opportunities with all kinds of services! Everything from social media covers, to website re-designs and reputation management! If you are creative you may even come up with ideas we never even considered!


Unlock Your Unfair Advantage That Practically Closes Clients Without You Even Selling!

➡️  100% Complete Enterprise White Label Agency​

➡️ The Power To Deliver A 360-degree Marketing Report And Uncover Countless Opportunities!

➡️ Access To Incredible Reputation Reports (Lead Magnets)

➡️ Perfect for selling Mobile Sites, SEO, Social Media, Branding, Advertising, Retargeting, Website Re-Designs, Local Citations, Reputation Management, and many other services!

➡️ Wow Prospects With Customizable Landing Pages & Banner Widgets

➡️ No Experience Needed Gets You Started In Minutes!
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Unlock Local Analyzer PRO
For 25 Businesses...
plus $3,500+ in Bonuses!

only $199/yr!

Get Local Analyzer Pro!


Unlock Local Analyzer UNLIMITED
...plus $3,500+ in Bonuses!


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IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE : By Opting in You Agree to a Reasonable Use that Prohibits abuse or sharing of this account.
We reserve the right to make any changes to this Policy at any time.
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